As Easter approaches, we all are finding ways to immerse ourselves in this beautiful Spring holiday. And what better way to do so than to indulge in sweet Easter treats?

From traditional carrot cake to creative Easter sugar cookies, Easter offers a lot during the holiday. So keep your apprehensions aside, and submit yourself to the best bakeries of Brevard County to enjoy tasty Easter treats. 

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Tasty Easter Desserts You Must Try in Brevard County

Delicious Carrot Cake

Easter is incomplete until you bring out this spicy, delicious cake on the table. Packed with grated carrots, raisins, and nuts and topped with creamy cream cheese frosting, this classic dessert is perfect for Easter brunch or any other spring celebration.

Make your Easter evening sweet and spicy with Love Bugs Bakery and its fresh carrot cakes - highly recommended!

Bright and Balanced Lemon Cupcakes

These fresh and citrusy desserts are a refreshing and popular dessert option for Easter. Infused with lemon zest and topped with tangy lemon frosting, these lemon cupcakes taste like a bite of heaven. 

Grab a bite of these tangy, light, and airy Easter desserts at BoriMami Bakery - you’ll love their sweet & delicately-tangy lemon cupcakes!

Gourmet Strawberry Cheesecake

Made with fresh strawberries, Strawberry cheesecake makes for an ideal Easter dessert. The bright red color and sweet and creamy filling on the buttery graham cracker crust are to die for. The cherry on the cake is the fresh strawberries on the top. 

Stop at Jacqueline's Bakery & Cafe on Easter morning to grab a fresh box of strawberry cheesecake and make your day memorable.

Indulgent Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate is the safest yet boldest dessert choice, and one can never go wrong with a chocolate mousse. Airy and light, it has a velvety texture that melts in your mouth pleasantly. Some bakeries may even add a hint of espresso or liqueur to add richness to the flavor.

Le Macaron Viera offers delicious chocolate mousse - give it a try to ensure a perfect Easter celebration!

Easter Special Sugar Cookies

Without the Easter cookies, no Easter celebration is complete. This staple Easter dessert is kids’ favorite and is shaped like bunnies, eggs, or chicks. Several bakeries also decorate it with pastel-colored icing and sprinkles to make it look fun, appetizing, and vibrant. 

If you want to try unique sugar cookie flavors, visit The Fat Donkey Dessert Shop. It also houses a wide variety of other Easter treats, you must explore! 

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