Stumped on how to entertain yourself, family or friends? Brevard County offers various activities that showcase the best of central Florida. From state parks to museums, the possibilities are infinite, making the towns of Brevard a necessary stop in your adventure through the state. Let us help you get your journey started with our carefully cultivated list of things to do in Brevard County

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Brevard Zoo

This is not your typical zoo. Brevard Zoo’s exhibits go above and beyond expectations with exhibits featuring animals from lands such as Africa and the swamps of Florida. It is inhabited by exotic animals such as giraffes, ostriches, alligators, crocodiles, flying squirrels, and bearded dragons. The range of animals is endless, so there is something for all interests. However, the most unique attribute is the kayaking tour meandering through the exhibits; it is the only one of the nation of its kind. You paddle through the Expedition Africa where you look to your left and see a giraffe and look farther to see a white rhino! To add to the intrigue, the zoo offers more extraordinary experiences such as giraffe feeding, a train ride through the park, and an up-close experience with a white rhino. Overall, the Brevard Zoo offers many adventures you cannot find elsewhere.

Treetop Trek

Right next door to the zoo, you can jump into the skies with the Treetop Trek Aerial Adventures. For thrill seekers, this is the perfect opportunity to test your limits as you scale the obstacles and slide down the zip-lines. There are variations for every age, for every level of nerve. They have constructed beginner, intermediate and expert courses as well as a tweaked version for the littlest adventurers (usually around 4-8 years). You can even choose a zip-line only course if you simply want to sit back and let the cables do the work. The courses have amazing views of the zoo, offering a peek at the monkeys, parrots and alligators. Look into package deals between the zoo and Treetop Trek in order to get the full experience.

Sebastian Inlet State Park

Calling all lovers of water sports, fishing, and nature! The Sebastian Inlet state park offers activities for everyone in the family with beaches perfect for acquiring a tan as well diving into the salty ocean water. There are two boat ramps on the inlet that start your journey to explore the brackish waters of the Indian River Lagoon, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Sebastian River, eventually reaching the Atlantic Ocean. You can even rent canoes or kayaks to explore the coast's forest of mangroves. For the fishers of the family, this park boasts some of the best fishing in the area with two jetties that reach into the Atlantic Ocean. The park also features hiking trails to guide you through the ecosystem unique to Florida along with biking trails that lead you to beaches and other lookouts. If you can’t seem to accomplish this all in one day, then you can choose to camp out and spend a night falling asleep to the light of the stars and the soothing sound of the nearby crashing waves. The Sebastian Inlet State Park contains all the best parts of Florida, so it is a necessity to check off your bucket list.

Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands at Viera

Get your camera ready because the Viera Wetlands offer some of the most picturesque scenes in all of Florida making it a highly attractive area for photographers of all skill levels and nature enthusiasts. The park gives an opportunity to observe the unique Floridian wildlife such as a Hooded Merganser, Crested Caracara, and the Northern Harrier Owl, all beautifully strange birds. If you are looking to capture the unique beauty of Florida or simply take it all in, you will want to pay these wetlands a visit.

Florida Tech Botanical Garden

Next to the Florida Institute of Technology is a sprawling botanical garden that stretches 15 acres. The garden features 60 species of palms, a canopy of oaks and a creek running through the middle. Each of these species combines to create a picturesque walk through unique flora and fauna perfect for a leisurely stroll and a calming day.


Things To Do In Titusville

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The NASA Kennedy Space Center is responsible for putting Titusville on the map, so it is an absolute must when you are in the area. The Visitor Complex was constructed so visitors can get a hands-on experience through each Mission Zone to understand our relationship with space through the years. There are many Mission Zones that educate each visitor on the history of the NASA Kennedy Space Center, starting with the Heroes and Legends zone that focuses on the early figureheads of the program. The tour then progresses to a Behind the Gates zone that exposes guests to the launch sites and working spaceflight facilities. This is followed by a Race to the Moon exhibit that details the tense era between the US and the USSR that resulted in pivotal scientific advancements. The end of this era was marked with the first shuttle launch into space, successfully carrying men into space. This is the subject of the next zone, Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other. The tour is concluded with a NASA Now and Next exhibit that gives us a peek into what is in store for American space exploration. This Visitor Complex is arguably one that should be on everyone’s bucket list as it increases one's understanding of space exploration that cannot be offered elsewhere.

United States Astronaut Hall of Fame

The Astronaut Hall of Fame honors the brave Americans who took the treacherous journey into space. Each of these heroes is displayed on the wall, and screens accompany the photos to tell the stories of the astronauts’ lives and journeys. This exhibit coincides with the Kennedy Center as a beautiful tribute to those who made our current understanding of space possible.

Things To Do In Cocoa Beach

Time and Tide Tours

Florida’s waters are littered with dolphins if you know the right place to look. The tour guides of Time and Tide Tours are experts of this particular subject, so if you dream to see these majestic creatures, then you will want to book a tour. You will journey through the areas around Cocoa Beach, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River Lagoon. Tour guides expose you to a multitude of Florida wildlife such as birds, jellyfish, sea rays, crabs, sharks and occasionally even whales. They offer four different tours that focus on subjects ranging from Florida wildlife on the surface to what happens underneath the boat. They have boats that even have a built-in aquarium to allow you to see deep into the water. This activity is great to further educate yourself about Florida ecosystems and to give your kids an unforgettable experience to see some of their favorite sea creatures.

Cocoa Kayaking

Just keep paddling! Cocoa Kayaking offers tours that allow you to get up-close and personal to the Florida mangroves and wildlife. Guides take small groups through the waters while sharing information regarding the surrounding ecosystem. They even offer Bioluminescence Kayak Tours that guide you to see the glowing Comb Jelly in a once in a lifetime experience. Florida is one of six places you can see the breathtaking bioluminescence, so it is certainly something you ought to take advantage of.

Historic Cocoa Village

Explore quintessential small-town Florida and take a stroll through Historic Cocoa Village. The street is covered with a canopy of trees to help you escape from the blaring sun. On the street, you can stop at the various restaurants, bars, and shops. Local boutiques line the street with gifts and trinkets to pick for yourself or loved ones. Once you work up an appetite, you can pick from any of the delicious restaurant options serving a variety of dishes from barbecue to pizza to even more upscale dining. No matter what you are in the mood to do/eat, there is an option for you.

The Cocoa Beach Pier

Jutting into the Atlantic Ocean, the Cocoa Beach Pier is a historic landmark that is a staple for tourists and locals alike. The pier offers a picturesque place to cast out a line, quaint shops to grab souvenirs and snacks, and a game room to keep everyone entertained. One look and you know that this pier is a piece of Cocoa Beach’s history with its old style architecture to contrast the surrounding modern hotels and condos.

Fin & Fly Charters

If you came to Florida to fish, this is a great opportunity to be guided into the ocean by an Atlantic expert. Captain Jamie Glasner leads the business and has an excellent reputation for sport fishing redfish, snook, tarpon, black drum, and speckled sea trout. The charter even includes all of the necessary fishing equipment, so you have one less thing to worry about!

Things To Do In Merritt Island

Black Point Wildlife Drive

Florida’s wildlife is a unique collection of strange birds and intimidating reptiles, and this seven-mile drive gives you the best chance to observe all of the above! Take a trip down the one-way street through the marsh and keep your eyes peeled for the creatures looming in the grasses and waters. Alligators, otters, bobcats, snakes and magnificent birds inhabit the land so you are guaranteed to see a plethora of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.  

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