Surrounded by lively palm trees and enriched with some of the most alluring beaches of the land, Brevard County is one of the most attractive areas in the state of Florida.

Whether you prefer smaller, more intimate settings or crowded, lively spaces, therein lies the perfect living space for you. While Brevard County is a beautiful place with much to offer, here are four of its most sought-after cities:

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With the population just a little short of 3,000 people, Indialantic is not only one of the best towns of Brevard County but also one of the most treasured places in the state of Florida.

Homeownership is high, and it's often referred to as a paradise blessed with a gorgeous beach scene and a variety of local restaurants within walking distance from one another. Top-selling realtors® Indialantic is the ideal place to retire, relax, and enjoy the lovely weather that Florida has to offer.

Satellite Beach

Satellite Beach is a fancy, dense town with almost 11,000 people. It can be described as affordable yet no less than luxurious. The city known for the friendly faces that make up the community, the high-quality school system, and its refreshing ocean breeze. While the neighborhoods are well-equipped with lovely houses, there's also an abundance of attractive condos to choose from.

Merritt Island

If you prefer living in larger suburban towns, Merrit Island is the way to go. Almost 35,000 people make up this diverse, tropical town.

Merrit Island is a favorite among tourists and the perfect place to enjoy water activities such as kayaking, boating, and swimming with the dolphins.

Melbourne Beach

At about 3,200 residents, Melbourne Beach is a smaller, more expensive beach town to live in, but it's perfect for those who desire a more quiet, grandeur type of lifestyle.

Such a clean, relaxing town that is covered in parks and subtle attractions is a rarity, but Melbourne Beach brings it to life. Crime rates are low and the schooling system is wonderful; however, you may have to travel a bit to get to the major parts of Brevard County.

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